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Welcome to ecTA/ecPayroll system features page. In this page, you can find all new functions released in different versions since 2016.

The feature list is sorted in version number so that you can find all new functions easily by comparing the version you are using. If you don't know which version you have installed, please find it in TAMS > Help > About

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Version Module Description Details

3 more import functions added, they are "Employee Master", "Employee Education", and "Employee Working Experience". User can import those data from MS EXCEL easily.

In system front-end web module,a new calendar was added in dashboard showing both approved and pending leave records. User can check his/her own leave as well as colleague's. More events will be added to this calendar soon to let you see all things in one place.

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In web MSS, with permission granted, manager can now add a new employee record to the system. This function is useful especially for restaurant and retail industry. To deal with the high turnover rate, shop manager can hire new employees and input to the system directly through the web, in order to speed up the employment process and reduce work load of HR admin.

In Leave Entitlement Setup, a new clone function is added for easy duplicate an existing Leave entitle plan. That's a user friendly enhancement.

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For the payroll process, besides of using bank autopay, some clients prefer pay by cheque. A new screen was added for user to enter cheque number for each salary payment as a record. These cheque number records can be printed out as a report as well.

For some business like F&B and Security, staffs may still need to work under extreme weather such as Typhoon or Black rainstorm. Normally, additional typhoon allowance will be grant for the working hours during typhoon. To capture the working hours during Typhoon, besides of assigning a special "typhoon shift" to the staffs, another new concept "Special Situation" was introduced. Administrator can simply input the information of such special situation (e.g. Typhoon) including Description, Start date/time, End date/time, Type, etc., system can capture the working hours for all staffs. The captured working hours can also be calculated with pre-defined payroll formula, so that the typhoon allowance can be calculated easily. This new "special situation allowance" can also applied on public holiday such as Chinese New Year.

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The timesheet approval process in system back-end has been speed up.

A new reminder "Missing employee info" was added. To ensure those important information are entered for the new join staffs, administrator can setup a pop-up reminder to show a staff list who are missing some kind of information. Administrator can also select which data fields are required to check.

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The UI of Timetable in system backend was enhanced. Besides of adjust the column width, now user can also adjust the height of the punch record row in order to show more records in one screen. Moreover, more columns info of employee can be selected, such as Position and Leave Day Hour. These are all user friendly enhancements.

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MPF contribution amount is now allowed to be edited by user who has access right. This function is useful when user need to do some adjustment on MPF contribution such as back pay. This direct update action can be kept track in Operation log, and it is protected by DateLock as well.

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A new payroll item "EO2007 SH Pay" is added for calculate Statutory Holiday Pay with 713 rule easily. All non-taken SH within the payroll period can be paid now.

For the Web User Group setup, a new Clone function is added for user to duplicate the selected User Group. It is very useful when you want to create a new User Group with similar attributes to another group. You may first copy and then make changes that save a lot of time and reduce human mistake.

The e-Leave module is now supports Traditional Chinese.

Happy to announce that iGuardExpress is now integrated to ecPayroll System. iGuardExpress is a cloud-based, low-cost, easy install, small size, and relaiable timeclock system. With iGuardExpress, staffs can clock-IN & OUT at different locations with their staff card(Mifare), or Octopus card. All punch records will then auto transferred to ecPayroll system for reporting, attendance calculation, as well as payroll processing.

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In time clock device setup screen, now the device can be enable/disable by user. Once the device is disabled, it will be skipped processing for some tasks such as transaction download. This option is useful when there are many devices installed but few of them were unpluged for some reasons, or temporary disabled. So that no false alarm will be raised during task running without the needs to change task settings. Moreover, the task need less time to finish.

In the screen of salary record, total OT pay and total wages are now showing on the screen for easy checking. Also, it can be edit by user for some special reasons, normally these amount are calculated automatically. These 2 amounts will be applied for 713 calculation.

In Web App > ESS > Timesheet module, user can check his/her own attendance records and submit change request if required. Now, user can also direct input a remark, may be the reason of late for example. Of course, this function will be enabled only when permission granted.

Microsoft EXCEL 2019 is now supported.

Performance appraisal is now ready for ESS/MSS. Staff can now view and fill in their own appraisal form on the web while manager can also do it on the web for subordinates too. All finished appraisal forms will be stored in system back-end. So that HR can retrieve the forms anytime. Once all appraisal forms are finished, HR admin can make them as read-only by using the "Datelock" so that both staffs/managers cannot edit anymore. That is a great move of e-appraisal to replace traditional paper form.

For the device model FFC700, user maintenance(i.e. except fingerprint/face enrollment) can be done in software instead of pressing buttons on the device. This provide an easier way for admin to manager device users records.

At system backend, admin can input One-off payment records for the staffs such as Sales commission, Bonus, or differnt kinds of claims. The amount can be paid in the salary automatically by pre-setting payroll formula. Now, an attachment field was added so that admin can easily attach a file (e.g. photo, PDF) as a supporting document. It is especially useful for those claims payment.

New e-Claim (Expenses Claim) module launched! Now user can submit expenses claim applications through PC or mobile. A notification will be sent to the approver and so he/she can make approval (or reject) on the web. Finally, the approved claims will be updated to the "Oneoff Payment" module at system backend so that administrators do not need to re-enter those information again. The e-claim module is controlled by workflow so that different approval path can be defined. Moreover, when submitting e-claim form, an attachment (e.g. photo, PDF) can be sent together as a supporting document.

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The Operation Log helps recording critical user operations for audit trail. Besides of user login, now user logout is also recorded to enhance the system security.

For the dashboard in web module, the latest News will be shown on the top for easy reading.

More email templates can be defined by user, for informing applicant/approver during the workflow process of different applications. Also, the new email template supports HTML now.

Sometimes, staffs missed to clock IN/OUT with different reasons. Asking for the missed clock IN/OUT time is necesary in order to calculate the timesheet and finally for the salary calulation. Now, in our web portal, a new module "Missing Punch Card Application" is now ready. General staffs can submit an application of Missing Punch Card under ESS, which contains information of punch card Date/Time and remark (i.e. reason of submission). Once the application submitted, it will be routed to the approver which was controlled by the preset workflow. The approver can login to the web portal and check all applications under MSS and then make approval (or reject) one by one or by batch. If the application was approved, the submitted punch record will be added to the master punch card database, at the same time, the related attendance record will be re-analysed automatically. It greatly reduce workload for HR admin to manual input those missing punch card records.

For the virtual timeclock module, a new remark field was added for user to fill in some job info before clock IN/OUT. This remark can be shown in the screen of Transaction records now.

For the bank autopay module, the system can now export payroll data in the format of FPS (Faster Payment System). So that user has 1 more way to process payroll autopay easily.

The new Workflow control module are launched!! This module let user to define unlimited number of workflow which may contain unlimited number of approval levels. The defined workflow can be applied to different applications so that admin do not need to repeat setup of workflow. For each level of approval, admin can also define what action(s) will be run, such as sending an email to applicant/approver with user-defined email template.

3 more reports are ported from system back-end to front-end web ESS/MSS modules including : (1)Roster Report by Location, (2)Leave Summary Report, and (3)Employee Leave Take Report

MPF contribution data export in Manulife Direct File Interface v2.0 format is now supported.

At system backend, administrator can now batch import "Leave Adjustment Records" from MS Excel instead of input entries one by one. This function greatly reduce effort for data entry.

For the dashboard in web module, the Bulletin board is the place for administrator to publish company news to all staffs. Previously, it supports plain text only. Now it supports HTML format that means administrator can insert some hyperlinks in the news for linking to other useful web pages, or even insert some photos in the news directly.

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For the MSS reporting in web module, user can generate the report in MS EXCEL or PDF format. Previously, user can choose which format without control. Now system administrator can control which formats (either one or both) are available to the user by settings in access right setup. It is useful especially when some reports are supposed to be read-only that only PDF format should be enabled.

In payroll formula setup module, the item 2115 "# of leave day taken" has been enhanced. A new reference date period option was added to control which period will be calculated.

In payroll formula setup module, the item 2117 "Leave balance" has been enhanced. A new reference date option was added to control which day should be reference to calculate leave balance.

For the device models FFC700, TA208, FP160, imports punch card data from USB disk is now supported.

For the device model Hanvon, clock IN/OUT records can be mapped by not only device serial number, but also the device name that provide higher flexibility.

For the MPF remittance report, backpay is now supported.

For applying overtime, applicant has to enter OT time range and the OT type before. Now, applicant does not need to enter OT type anymore if system admin has pre-defined the OT type in Shift setup at system backend. Admin can still define different OT type for different time period, say 19-22 : Normal OT, 22-02 : Overnight OT. When the staff applying OT from 21-23, the system will auto split it into 2 period with preset OT type, i.e 21-22 : Normal OT, 22-23 : Overnight OT. This function let applicant applying OT easier and of course reduce selection mistake.

For the bank autopay module, the system can now export autopay data in the format of HSBC HKMRI.

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In Automation module, a new task "Export Leave Take Record" is now supported to export leave take records in fixed csv format. This function may help clients to integrate our system to other system.

In Reminder module, the "Passport / License expiry reminder" is now supported user to hide those processed records by simply right-click on it and then click "Remove from reminder". This makes the reminder more clear by remove those unwanted records. User can also undo this hidding by enable the option "Show in reminder" in Employee > Credential records.

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In Reminder module, the "Passport / License expiry reminder" is no longer showing those resigned employees records that makes the reminder easier to read.

In Shift setup, user can define a flexible break period for the staffs to have a flexible meal break, say max. 1 hour counted from the clock-OUT time. Previously, if the staffs haven't clock-OUT for meal break, the system treat it as normal working hours during such period. Now, a new option was added to calculate such period as OT hours that provide higher flexibility.

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For the bank autopay module, the system can now export payroll data in the format of Standard Chartered Straight2Bank for bulk import. So that user has 1 more way to process payroll autopay easily.

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The loading time of roster was improved and speed up.

For IR56E/F/G form export function, the export method was changed from "1-staff-1-Excel" to "multi-staffs-in-1-Excel" that become easier to process lot of employees.

In e-Leave module, email will be sent to applicant and approvers during some processes such as leave apply, approve, reject, ... etc. User cannot change the behavior of sending email before. Now user can config the behavior by each process. For example, user can config the system to send acknowledge email to both applicant and all preceding approver(s) for "leave reject", but only send email to applicant for "leave approval". You may even disable sending email for some processes such as "forget password" if you want.

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A new "Attendance Approval Level" option was added and applied to several attendance reports including "individual Attendance Report", "Department Attendance Report", "Department Overtime Report", "Daily Attendance Report", and "Employee Attendance Report". This option let user to select the required approval level(s) for report generation. For example, user can select the option "Admin user approved" to print(or export) the attendance report with admin approved attendance records only.

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In the Web Roster screen, the department name can now be shown in "full name" instead of just current department name.

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For the user access right setup module, the control of "Salary records" and "Salary Profile" are now separated from "Payroll maintenance" that provide higher flexibility to control user rights. For example, some users may have access right to Read/Write salary records but no right to change the payroll formula defined in Salary Profile.

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A new option "Max Leave balance brough forward" was added in Leave entitlement plan setup, which let user to define how may leave balance days can be carried forward to next leave period(e.g. next year). Once the option has been set, system will auto check and forfeit the days which exceed the ceiling in next leave period.

In performance appraisal module, score calculation function was newly supported. User can define the weighting of each appraisal item and the score of each rating. The system will auto calculate the total score with weighting, as well as the average score of both employee and supervisor. User can also define more than 1 appraisal form with different items, ratings, as well as the free text comment fields.

For the device model TA208, the captured photos can now be shown in system backend (i.e. TAMS > Transaction > Photo mode). This function is usefull for admin to check if there is any "buddy punching" by comparing the captured photo with the photo in employee record.

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In the email sending module, the email address ended with ".care" domain name (e.g. admin@abc.care) is now supported.

In payroll formula setup module, the item 2123 "Total OT minutes" has been enhanced. A new min. approval level option was added to control only those approved OT hours will be calculated. This enhance the controlling power of attendance approval.

A new payroll formula item 2128 "# of SH Taken wihtin first 3 employment months" was added. This item is useful to calculate the no-pay SH for the new join staffs.

In e-Leave module, staffs can submit Overtime(OT) application to request for OT at a specified date and time range. Now, a global round-off option was added so that the OT minutes can be auto round off to, say, every 30 minutes to fit company policy.

A new command "Payment Centre" was added in "HR Commander". This command let you batch changing default Payment Centre for a group of selected employees. This reduce lots of work to make change to employees one by one.

In the Automation module, the system can auto sending attendance report to every staff by email. Now, the wordings of the email subject and content can be self-defined by user. Just like mail merge, a list of variables can be used to merge into the email content. This highly increase the customizabilty of the system.

A new optional report "Yearly Salary report" is now ready. This report shows each salary items of each month within the year.

Two new payroll formula items "MAX(a,b)" and "MIN(a,b)" were added. Just like EXCEL formula functions, these 2 items can easily compare 2 values and find out the Maximum and Minimum respecively that can greatly simplified the payroll formula and so improve the speed of payroll calculation process.

A new calculation mode "Latest value within period" was added to the payroll formula item "Allowance" that provide flexibility to get the latest allowance amount as a base value for other calculations instead of prorata calculation by Join/Resign date. It makes payroll calculation more flexible.

In system back-end, a new UI is now ready for user to batch input one-off payment records instead of input one by one. Besides of batch import from EXCEL file, this new screen is another way to input mass data easily.

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New rounding options were added in Shift settings. Originally, in Shift setup, user can define 1 "Round-off" minutes and applied to both final IN & OUT time. Now the "Round-off" settings were seprarated into 2 independent options for IN, and OUT time. That means you may tell the system to, say, round off the IN time by 30 minutes but no round off required for OUT time. That increase the flexibility of attendance calculation.

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IR56M is now supported. Now user can generate IR56M report for the remuneration paid to persons other than employees, and submit to the IR Department. Note that only individual is supported currently.

A new "Roster report by location" is now ready. This report is showing the duty roster in location oriented. The locations ( or branch name) are showing in rows while the date are showing by columns. An on duty staff list with shift time period is showing in each corresponding cell. This report is specially useful to some industries such as retail shop, security, F&B, etc who need to ensure enough man-power in specific time and location. For details pls see the report sample.

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For the "OT-to-Leave conversion" command in "Commander" module, a new option was added for user to select the round down conversion unit by 0.5 day or 1 day.

A new command "Late to Leave" was added in "HR Commander". This command let you batch converting total late minutes of a group of selected employees within a selected period, to the same minutes of leave deduction. You may also specify which Leave Type to be converted to.

As you may know, ecPayroll System calculates leave balance in real time by checking the related leave entitle plan and all leave take records therefore the leave balance is correct and up-to-date. However, after several years, the time of calculation may become longer than before due to large amount of data. Especially if you have many employees (i.e. more than 100). Now there is a way to speed it up, and that's the new function Leave Posting added in the Commander module. The concept of leave posting is inserting a calculated leave balance adjustment record at a certain date ( most likely the last day of a period) to reflect all leave records before that cut-off date. It reduces lots of calculations and therefore the whole process run faster.

Previously, a company can be setup only 1 MPF Provider. Now, max. 2 MPF providers can be setup per each company. That provides flexibility for employer to provide choices for their employees. Another case is that if, in one company, part of the employees are joinging Industry Scheme while the others joining Master Trust scheme. This new function solve this problem.

BEA Master Trust Scheme is now supported to export MPF contribution data file in the required format.

Normally, the Leave entitlement calculation of, say, Annual Leave is started from the staff join date. However, in case for example, a casual staff (i.e. below 418, no AL will be entitled) turns to normal permanent staff someday which should be entitled Annual Leave, the start date of leave entitlement should not be the same as the join date, but the date of turning. Now a new field "Benefit date" was added in employment section to tell which date should start calculating leave entitlement. By default, the Benefit date is equal to the Join date.

In the Web App module, a new statistic item was added to the dashboard - "Leave Taken Counts". Staffs can easily check how many times he/she has taken in the selected period. Different Leave Types can also be shown separately.

As most of the salaries are calculated by month instead of by week, or 2 weeks (i.e. although ecPayroll can handle different pay period), the default pay period of adding a new salary record was changed from "Custom period" to "Monthly" that is more user friendly than before.

The new added field "Benefit date" can now be shown in the reports "Employee List", "Personal Data Sheet" and "Individual Leave Report"

As now max. 2 MPF Providers can be setup in 1 company, selection of MPF Provider can be done in each employee page now.

A new filter item "MPF Provider" was added to EE Filter now. User can filter employees by using this item for reporting or viewing on screen.

To batch changing MPF Provider for multiple employees, a new command called "Change MPF Provider" was added in the "Commander" module .

Back-payment is now supported. All back pay salary records can be reflected in MPF calculation and tax report IR56F.

In web modules, if user has forgotten his/her own password, he/she can RESET the password by clicking on the Forget Password Link. Before that, the system will ask for several questions to ensure the identity. The questions are fixed before. Now, one more set of questions was added for administrator to select. In this new question set, only 2 questions will be asked : Employee ID and Date of Birth.

In payroll formula setup module, the item 2115 "No. of Leave day taken" has been enhanced. Now, besides of getting number of leave day taken within salary period or probation period, it can even return total leave day taken within a specified "Employment month". That is useful for calculating, for example, no pay SL within first 3 employment months.

In timeclock device management module, for model TA204 / TA205 / TA206 instead of adding new user template one by one, you can batch import the user template list from a data file. This function is useful especially when the system is new installed and you want to migrate the user list (i.e. permitted card list) from old system.

For the backend roster import module, now user can select using which depoartment's Shift code set to import the duty roster from EXCEL. With this function, different branches(shops) can use same set of Shift code (e.g. A) but different working hour (e.g. 9-18). Actually this function had been already supportd in Web Roster module for years, now it was also supported in system back-end. (i.e. TAMS)

In Automation module, a new task "Backup User from Device(s)" is now supported. Instead of manual trigger the process of user data transfer from device(s) to server database, an automatic schedule task can be set now to make it running automatically. This function is very useful especially, for example, if you have installed several timeclock devices at different branches, and new employees are allowed to be enrolled (i.e. Fingerprint, Face, or card) at the branch. In order to central manage all user enrollment data from all branches, you can setup a User Backup Task and make it auto run once every day. Therefore you can always keep a updated master user enrollment data in server database.

In system backend reporting module, a new email function was added. Now, user can direct send out the report to a specificed email address, or send to the corresponding employees without exporting the report and attach to the email by manual. This function is so convience to sending, say , Monthly Individual Attendance Report to every selected staffs in 1 batch job. At this moment, 3 reports are supported this new email function including "Individual Leave Report", "Employee Leave Take Report", and "Individual Attendance Report". More reports will be supported in future.

Previously, staff's emergency contact information are entered in Employee > Family page. Now, new Emergency Contact fields are added in Employee > Contact page for easy manage. This design is also apply to the web APP > ESS > Personal Info Update, and MSS > Staff List.

In the Web App module, a new statistic item was added to the dashboard - "Leave Day Taken". Staffs can easily check how many days he/she has taken in the selected period. Different Leave Types can also be shown separately.

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In Web App > ESS > Timesheet module, user can now check his/her own attendance details of a particular date / session. For details please refer to the screen capture. Some times, for example, the staff may want to explain to his supervisor why he was late. He can enter the reason and submit to the supervisor and request for an exception. Supervisor will see this request in his / her own dashboard and also received the request by email.

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In stead of letting every new staff to config his/her own dashboard settings, administrator can now define the default settings and saved by group so that new users do not need to be trained to config settings. It helps a lot to both new users and administrators.

In previous versions, when user submit a leave application together with an attachment, only the approvers can see the attachment file. Now, HR admin can also open those attachment files in system backend. It helps admin keeping records of the attachment file.

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For the bank autopay module, the system is now supports to export payroll data in the format of ICBC 中國工商銀行.

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A new calculation method of salary cost analysis is now supported, that is calculating the ratio of total working hours occupied by each branch. A branch is defined as a cost centre, and the working hours of such branch can be calculated by checking the punch card location.

2 new Cost Analysis Reports are created to show the details and summary of salary cost distribution.

In the Mobile Attendance module, a new dashboard item was added - "Your Attendance Overview". In this item, 4 simple charts are showing your attendance statistics including Late count, Absence count, Working days, and OT hours. You can even select the date period by "This Week", "This Month", "Last Week", and "Last Month". This is good for reminding the staffs to keep good time attendance without printing complicated reports.

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Web user access right setup screen are enhanced. HR admin can now fully control each web user got what kind of functions, viewing which particular reports, and even which departments can be access.

More reports have been migrated to the Web mobile module. General staffs can view their own reports in ESS reporting while the management users can generate department reports through MSS reporting module. All of these reports can be opened in PDF or downloaded as a EXCEL file for further processing. Of course, which reports can be access are controlled with access rights by HR admin. In future, more reports will be added.

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Fast salary generation is a function to batch generate salary records according to the preset payroll formula for multi-selected employees. During the process, there may be some problems due to incorrect settings or missing information module. If there are many employees in the batch, user may not easy to find out those problems and correct it. Now, a summary report will be shown after the process with total counts of both success and failed records. Which staffs and what reason will also be shown to help user to locate the problem easily.

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In ecPayroll system, user may define more than 1 Salary Profile Types which represents different payroll calculation types such as "Normal Monthly salary", "Monthly commission", "Year-end bonus", etc. (i.e. the names can be defined by user). For every new join staff, user is required to assign a suitable Salary Profile to the Salary Profile Type that may be a boring job if the company has only 1 Salary Profile and 1 Salary Profile Type. Now, a default Salary Profile can be pre-set for each Salary Profile Type so that user do not need to repeat the job for every new join staff. This is a user friendly improvement.

No need to search the table-of-content again. More "help" buttons were added on operation screens to let user viewing corresponding online manual easily. More "help" button will be added in future.

In e-Leave module, during the leave application process, there are several types of email will be sent to approvers or applicant to inform application details and approval status. User can customize the email template subject, header and footer. Now, besides of fixed text, variables are also available to be inserted in the text for generating email with dynamic content. Click here to see what variables are now supported. In the future, more variables will be added so that it becomes more flexible and user friendly.

In last month, we have ported the e-Leave apply module to the mobile phone platform so that all staffs can submit their leave applications through their smart phone. Now, the e-Leave approval module was also ported to smart phone platform, managers can also make approval (or reject, of course) through their smart phone or ipad. It is much more convenient that no need to sit in front of the PC.

The e-Leave apply module was successfully port to the mobile platform now. All staffs now can applying leave from their smart phone besides of applying in PC. This is much more flexible.

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With e-Payslip module, staffs can view his/her own payslip by logging in to the ESS platform in PC. Now, this function was port to the mobile platform and so the staffs can check their payslip on his/her smartphone.

In our system, usually one or more timeclock devices are connected. To test the devices are connected well or not, normally, we can use the command "PING" in DOS mode to test and see if any response from the devices. To simplify this process, a new button was added in "Device Management" for user to test connectivity for the selected devices easily.

In payroll formula setup module, the item "Basic Salary" was enhanced to support custom period defined by user. So that, if there are some items such as OT which is calculated by custom period (i.e. may be last month 25 - current month 24), it can be calculated based on updated Basic Salary which may also changed within the same custom period.

In the Mobile Web App module, a new page Contact List was added for the staffs to check the contact information of other members in his/her own team or other department. A search function is also provided for user friendly. The staff can make a phone call by simply click on the phone number, or writing email by click on the email address.

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In the Mobile Web App module, the staff can check his/her own personal particulars easily. Besides of just viewing, in case if any missing / incorrect / changes, he/she can update the information and then submit a change request to HR admin for checking, approval, and updating the master record.

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For the report "Employee List" and "Personal Data Sheet", now the user-defined caption of the custom fields can be shown in report header instead of just showing "Custom field 1", "Customer field 2".... that is much more clear.

In Data Import module > Leave Balance Reset function, now it is able to calculate and process the previous "Next SH" records to make the balance correct.

In e-Leave module, when the staff is applying leave, he/she can view his/her own leave balance (as at the leave apply date) of each leave type before submit the application. It is good for the user to select a suitable leave type. Now, besides of the leave balance, 2 more info can be shown to help user : (1) the leave balance as at year-end (2) Total leave taken days in next year if any. These 2 information are much more meaningful especially when his/her leave application was blocked to submit due to not enough leave balance. Moreover, these 2 information can be controlled enable/disable at system back-end. So that it can be configured depends on your company policy.

In the Mobile Attendance module, user can now check his/her own timesheet once the process of attendance analysis completed at server. User can select different date range and even the attendance status. For example, user can simply select the filter to show only all dates which were LATE in, or showing all dates with OT hours. Moreover, a summary can be shown with total number of Late in, Early out, Overtime, Work, Leave, Absence, and even Missing punch card. Staffs no need to wait for the attendance report printout again and HR admins more relax :)

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In the Mobile Attendance module, another new added function which let user to check his/her own duty roster. The roster not only showing the required Shift code and time, but also the duty, location and remark which is good for the staffs who need to work at different locations. Holiday and Leave will be highlighted for attention. Moreover, a summary table showing total number of work, leave, and holiday.

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In e-Leave module, staffs can submit Overtime(OT) application to request for OT at a specified date and time range. If the staff has "worked" (by checking clock IN/OUT time) within the approved OT time period, the "worked" hours will be counted as OT hours. This is the traditional operation. Now, a new OT application mode is added which let users to apply OT hours directly without needs of punch card. Once the application approved by manager, the requested OT hours will be updated to his/her own attendance record. This approach is good for the "day-back" OT hours request while the traditional one is good for a planned OT.

In system back-end, HR admin can input leave records for staffs. If the leave period (i.e. more than 1 day) across a holiday, say Sunday, admin has to seperate 2 entries (before Sunday and after Sunday) input to the system in order to not taking leave on Sunday. It is quite annoying especially a long Leave period that may across several holidays. Now a new function was added to let the system to auto skip those holidays so that admin do not need to split it by manual. This option is seperated by Leave Type, so user has to turn it on for the first time in Leave Type setup. For details please refer to the user manual

In HR Commander, admin can batch adding leave records to a group of staffs. However, admin has to re-analyze the attendance records to make it updated. Now, the system will auto re-analyze all related past attendance records. This is a user-friendly enhancement.

The report HSBC MPF Remittance Statement is updated with more options to select.

In System back-end > Reporting screen, the MPF related reports are moved from "Payroll" category to "MPF" category to make it more user-friendly. Similarly, all TAX related reports are also moved from "Payroll" category to "Tax" category.

Leave entitlement module now supports "Day/Hour/Minute" calculation."Day/Hour/Minute" is one of the unit option defined by Leave Type.

New model FFC700 is now integrated to our ecPayroll system. FFC700 is a new ALL-IN-ONE timeclock device which supports Facial, Fingerprint, Smart card, and Password for user authenication. It is good for time attendance and door access control.

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In case of any unexpected computer halt, the logged-in user license will be occuppied. To release the occupied license, instead of using the "Dongle Reset Tool" to release ALL licenses, admin can now select a particular user license to release so that other users will not be interrupted. This function is flexible for the comanies who has many concurrent users running the system at the same time.

A new BEA MPF (Industry Scheme) Remittance statement was added for submitting MPF Industry Scheme contribution records to BEA (The Bank of East Asia)

In e-Leave module, "Day / Hour / Minute" mode is newly supported for some leave types, such as Compensation Leave(CL) , which calculation unit are not in number of days(e.g. 1.5 day) but how many of Days, Hours, Minutes (e.g. 1 Day 4 Hours 0 Minutes).

The e-Leave module can now running on not only Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE), but also Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome now.

In HR Commander, user can easily reset the leave balance of the selected leave type(s) and selected staffs by manual. Now, a new option was added to let you reset the staffs whose leave balance is >0. Bypass reset for those leave balance is less than 0.

In HR Commander, besides of reset leave balance, accumulated OT balance can also be reset now by using the new "Reset OT balance" command.

In letter generation module, more variables about Company are now supported.

For the Voluntary Contribution(VC) in MPF module, user can now select the option to make the system to hold the VC contribution if the employees are not yet employed for 60 days, just like how we handle Mandatory Contribution(MC). This enhancement should be able to fulfill those companies who treat VC as a part of provident fund without bounded by the MC limitation, such as the upper limit.

For the bank autopay module, the system can now export payroll data in the format of BCT Flexi2 System (銀聯集團「快易供系統」) . So that user can easy import those data to the BCT Flexi2 system to process autopay and MPF.

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In Casual Staff Timesheet (散工出勤表) module, the accuracy of working hours is increased from 1 d.p. to 2 d.p. now

For the fingerprint reader model KU38, dynamic DNS (i.e. DDNS) connection is now supported. It provides another network connect solution besides of fixed IP address. For our retail clients who may have multiple branches, it may greatly reduce the monthly cost in provision of fixed IP address for each branch.

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To monitor data download process from devices, the system can inform particular users by sending an email in case there is any problem. Now, more information are included in the email such as which device(s) got problem, and the possible reasons. So that technician is much easier to monitor, trace, and solve the problem quickly.

Microsoft Windows Server 2016 is now supported.

Microsoft SQL Server 2016 is now supported.

A new Dongle Reset Tool is now provided for reset the dongle in case there is any login problem caused by unexpected computer halt.

In the Mobile time clock module, a new screen is added to show punch card records. It is useful for the staffs to check their past punch card records in their cell phone so that they don't need to ask HR admin.

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The Attendance Status filter is useful for user to retrieve selected attendance records (e.g. Late only) in both screen query and reporting. Now a new status "Leave" was added to filter out all on leave attendance records.

Mobile time clock web app solution is now supported. Staffs can now clock IN & OUT by using any smart phone/tablet with Internet connected. As a portable time attendance solution, GPS will be captured, and translated to a readable address for administrator reference at system back-end. This solution is good for some companies whose staffs are working outside without fixed location, such as drivers, couriers, security guards, etc.

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Batch delete function of one-off payment records function was added. With this function, user can select multiple one-off payment records to be deleted by specifing date range, group of employees, and particular items. You will find this function very useful especially when you have imported wrong data and want to redo again.

Besides of printing all selected payslips in reporting module, in salary record screen, an export function was added for user to easy preview only 1 payslip record.

For the Individual Leave Report, a new option was added to skip showing all dummy sections which has no any entitlement and leave taken records.

In letter generation module, more variables about employment resign are now supported.

A new OT Application Report was added to showing all overtime application records. User is able to select particular apply date range, applicants, approver, OT types, as well as the application status.

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In Timesheet page, a new function was added for user to filter attendance records by its status. It is very useful to find out all "abnormal" attendance records quickly such as Late IN / Early OUT / Missing punch / Absence, or even revised records.

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The length of "Company Name" was extended to maximum 70 characters now.

A new "Basic Salary and Allowances Report" is now ready. This report shows the history of salary and allowances adjustment records with variance in amount and percentage. It is useful for management to decide next year adjustment.

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New module Work Injury is now ready. A new Work Injury page is added in employee setup for user to input all injury records. Not just only keeping the records but auto generate corresponding leave records with leave type "Injury Leave". So that the Time Attendance module will not count it as absence due to no punch card, and the Payroll modules can handle it to avoid duplicate payment.

2 new reports : Work Injury Report and Work Injury Detail Report can now be generated. User can select to print the summary or the details report with multi-periods.

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Microsoft EXCEL 2016 is now supported.

For the Suprema time clock devices, in order to enhance the integrity, stability and performance of data collection, our system now supports direct data transfer in database level besides of importing text files. Moreover, the Suprema device management software (i.e. BioStar) does not need to keep open and running to export the transaction file that highly reduce the chance of data lost.

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Microsoft SQL SERVER 2014 is now supported.

Want to know how many "Active Employee License" you have bought? Now you can simply find it in TAMS > Main Menu > Help > About

Importing duty roster from EXCEL file is a popular function for users to input or edit the duty roster in EXCEL and then import to the system easily. Companies may have different policy to control unauthorised update of the duty roster, for example, update on or before Today roster is not allowed. Previously we hard-coded these policies by client so that user cannot change it. Now we release these policies as an option and so users can select the most suitable one themselves.

In Operation Log module, 1 more action type "Import duty roster" was added to record anyone who has updated the duty roster through EXCEL import. This function is mainly designed for audit trail purpose.

Importing data from EXCEL is a very good way for batch data entry. Besides of old EXCEL format (*.xls), new format (*.xlsx) is also supported now for ALL EXCEL import functions.

The Attendance Overview Report can now be generated with colour highlighted on the days which are abormal in attendance, such as LATE / EARLY / ABSENCE / Missing card. It is a user-friendly enhancement.

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The Employee One-off Payment Record Report can now be generated directly in the data input screen. User no need to switch to the Report Menu screen and re-select all required options.

In Automation module, a new email function was added. Normally, many tasks such as "Download Transaction" or "Device Sync clock" will be scheduled to run in server at mid-night automatically. To check the tasks are run success or fail, user has to login to the server and check the result on screen that may not user friendly enough. Now the system will auto send the task run result to the preset email address once finished. So that user can monitor the Automation task run status easily by just checking email. Moreover, if no any email received, user will know the Automation module may be stopped running with some reasons.

A new safety checking was added when starting the Automation module, to prevent more than 1 instance running at the same time that may cause duplicate job running.

In e-Leave approval screen, now the leave application records can be filtered out by employee name easily.

In e-Leave module, regarding leave cancellation, user can now control when the approved leave records are enabled for apply cancellation. Before this version, cancellation can only be applied on the future approved leave records. Past leave records cannot be cancelled.

The MPF Remittance Report now supports LSP/SP and termination code.

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Regarding online payslip module, admin can now control which group(s) of staff are enabled for this function.

The Transportation Claim Form will show punch time on Leave and Holiday now, not just normal working day.

Leave Entitle Plan can be auto applied to new employees now. Previously, for every new employee, administrator has to select the Leave Entitle Plan for every Leave Type which require entitlement. For the compay with simple leave policy, it is not necessary to select plan for every new staff because there may be only 1 plan. Thanks to the default plan settings by leave type, user is no longer need select plan for new staff now..

In payroll formula setup module, a new item "Salary month" was added to return current month of salary period. It may useful to handle some special allowance that may only calculated on particular months in a year.

In payroll formula setup module, a new item "Staff Type" was added to control the calculation will be applied on the specified group of staffs Only.

In payroll formula setup module, a new item "Resign Type" was added to control the calculation will be applied on some kinds of resign types only, such as Long Service Payment (LSP).

In payroll formula setup module, a new item "By case" was added to provide a easy way to handle different multi conditions that similar to the item "If-Then-Else" but more powerful. With this component, for example, user can define the calculations easily for different staff Grade.

A new "Employee One-off Payment Record Report" was added to show all one-off payment records with filtering functions.

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For the "Attendance Unapproved Tracking Report", now user can select approval levels to be printed.

In addition to working hours, OT hours can now be calculated if a staff has clocked IN & OUT on a leave taken day. This function can be disabled if not required.

The system can now auto restore new added/changed/deleted device users (i.e. Partial Restore) to the selected time clock device(s) according to the preset schedule (i.e. Automation). Compare to running "Full Restore", "Partial Restore" spend less time to finish the job.

For HSBC MPF, system now supports LSP/SP calculation.

In report printing screen, instead of select only 1 department, multi-departments can now be selected.

Regarding restore user records from database to devices, besides of sending the whole user list ("Full Restore"), a new restore mode called "Partial Restore" is newly supported which send only the changed, new added, or deleted users to the devices. "Partial Restore" spend less time to complete the job and it is great for the scenerio when a new staff has just registered his card/fingerprint on the master device and need to synchronise to other devices. Another scenerio is a staff has just resigned. His/her card/fingerprint has been deleted from the master device, and you need to synchronise to other devices as well . Currently, this function can be found in "Device Setup" > "Restore Users", and supported for device models TA204 / TA205 / TA206 / TA207.

For the Holiday import function, user can multi select Duty Groups to be applied instead of do it one by one that is much more user friendly than before..

An export function is added in payroll user interface so that user can export required salary records to Excel easily and directly, no need to close the current window and go to report menu to do it.

All old feature updates will not be posted in this page. If you are interested to know more please feel free call us.